Sex toys & your relationship

Sex toys & your relationship

Does the thought of bringing a sex toy to your bedroom make you a bit squirmy? It shouldn’t! Sex toys are no longer considered something you should be embarrassed about – in fact, they’re more popular than ever, with at least one in five people using them on a regular basis. Sex toys are more than a way to spice up your “me time”, though – they can actually improve your sexual life and enhance your relationship with your significant other.

The sole purpose of the sex toys industry is to improve your sex life and help you enjoy stronger and better orgasms all the time – and who can’t benefit from more sex? Apart from that, sex toys can help you learn a great deal about yourself and your partner. Even if you’ve had a satisfying sex life, there’s always something you can learn about the things you like and turn you on and introduce them to your partner. Women’s sexual preferences are largely an unchartered territory even by women themselves and once you’re familiar and feel comfortable with your own sexuality, this will translate into greater confidence in the bedroom, as well.

Of course, bringing your sex toys straight to your bedroom might not be something you’re ready to do just now and that’s quite alright. Even experimenting on your own with a toy can improve your relationship. Studies have demonstrated that women who frequently indulge in self-love tend to reach orgasm more often and with greater ease during sex – and satisfied partner means a better relationship, doesn’t it?

One of the major concerns that people have when considering a sex toy is that it might ruin their normal sex life. This has more to do with the stereotypes that surround the sex toy industry than with the actual truth which is simple: a sex toy can only improve your life and relationship. When used alone, sex toys can help you learn a lot about what you like and don’t like; when used with your partner, they can help you express yourself sexually and increase your and your partner’s pleasure. In fact, sex toys are one of the most popular ways to introduce some variety to your sex life and relationship, especially if you have a long-term partner. You don’t need to start big – take your time to research what options you have and talk it through with your significant other. Having sex with the same person in the same way for years can negatively impact on your relationship by making the sex seem… well, a bit stale, and sex toys are the safest – and most efficient way to change your routine and get excited about going to the bedroom again.

Good sexual life and intimacy are key to the successful relationship and these three are closely related to one another. To enjoy good sex, you first need to feel secure and comfortable with your partner. Introducing a sex toy to the bedroom can not only boost your confidence and spice up your sexual life but also dare you to express yourself more and be the person you’ve always wanted to be – both in and outside the bedroom. Finding new plays to turn each other on and play is always a huge turn-on and can bring some novelty to even the longest relationship. Imagine feeling the same way you did when you first laid eyes on your significant other even when you’re celebrating your 10th, 20th or even 30th anniversary!

However, even the most open-minded people might feel the topic of a sex toy to be somewhat taboo. Partners often feel insecure and might fear that a sex toy will replace them in the bedroom completely. The key to avoiding this is to explain to your significant other that a sex toy is an addition to your relationship and not a key ingredient in it. It’s important not to put pressure on your partner and discuss the decision in details, before you hop to the nearest sex shop. Once you’re ready to express and explore your sexuality together, ask your partner to join you in this adventure and introduce some buzzing pleasure to your sex life and your relationship!